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See what Superstar Soprano

Lisette Oropesa

has to say of the

Grayson & Groves Studio.

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Thoughts on Vocal Technique

Good singing technique requires development of many skills which must be efficiently coordinated.  Here are a few highlights . . .

Singing must be supported at all times on all notes: high and low, loud and soft. Support precedes vocal onset. Usually, onset (attack) is made through prepared vowels (vocal tract), not by explosive consonants or glottal plosives (though there are exceptions for interpretive/dramatic reasons). While the tongue and lips are the primary articulators of vowels, the vocal tract may be tuned to another vowel to make use of naturally occurring formants. Legato singing is the foundation of all good singing, and diction, accent, stress, dynamics, and colors are superimposed on the basic legato.

Advantageous to good singing are a relaxed laryngeal position, a forward tongue, a lifted soft palate, relaxed lips, relaxed jaw.  Most diction is accomplished with tongue and lips (with minimal jaw action).  The chest is expanded, shoulders are relaxed, head and neck are flexible and can sing in a variety of positions.

We cultivate each of our singers' distinct vocal timbres.  There is no "Grayson-Groves Studio sound"...just the sound of success!

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Unique to this Studio

This studio provides a unique opportunity for the talented, committed student singer.   Working with two tenors---each of whom have sung at the highest levels---who combine a long career of teaching and a long and continuing career of international singing.

During individual lessons students are taught to build  upon their strengths and and expand their skill sets. Honest appraisal is a part of every lesson and analysis is delivered with respect at all times.  In weekly studio classes  strategies are offered to strengthen performance skills. Repertory choices are scrupulously made so that students are singing  songs and arias that present them well, and that advance artistic and technical development.

Studio members are consistently prepared for each lesson (having learned music and translated text during their minimum of five hours practice per week).  Technical improvement is consistently observed from week  to week and open dialogue is encouraged. The dynamic among the members of the studio is warm, supportive and enthusiastic. 


If you aspire to this type of study, we welcome your interest in our studio.

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