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Hear what Lisette Oropesa

has to say about her 20 + years 

studying with Robert Grayson . . . 

For the Pro . . . Every professional benefits from periodic work with a teacher who has great ears, will respectfully tell the truth about how you are singing,  and knows how to tweak inconsistencies without trying to remake all of your technique. I have enjoyed my work with a number of singers from the Metropolitan Opera and other great opera houses.

For the Young Artist . . . Singers at the graduate or post-graduate levels are in a perfect place to refine a healthy and reliable technique that can last for 30+ years.  I have a track record for producing singers who are able to avoid vocal problems, and still sound "young" after 30 years on the professional stage. 

For the Aspiring Collegiate Singer . . .  Developing an artistic and efficient vocal technique is not mysterious.  It involves conscientious practice of specific coordinations that respect the natural quality of your voice, while improving your support, registration and resonance. Simultaneously, we cultivate your musicality and sense of styles in a variety of genres.  Each of these elements is address in individualized lessons.  At the undergraduate level, the most important aspect of your studies is studying with a teacher (with demonstrated success) with whom you connect.  While I do not generally teach high school students, I am open to working with high school seniors as they prepare their auditions for university music schools.  Some of my most outstanding singers began their study with me as undergraduates.

Lisette Oropesa talks about Robert Grayson

Lisette Oropesa talks about Robert Grayson

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