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Hear what Lisette Oropesa has to say about her 20 + years  studying with Robert Grayson. 

The Robert Grayson

Voice Studios

For the Pro . . . Every professional benefits from periodic work with a teacher who has great ears, will tell the truth, and who knows how to tweak inconsistencies and address problem spots without trying to remake everything.  I have enjoyed my work with a number of singers from the Metropolitan Opera.

Grayson Online Studio 

Online Studio for Professionals, Young Artists, 
Collegiate Singers, and serious young singers.  Teaching In-person
in Baton Rouge

For the Young Artist . . . Young artists at graduate or post-graduate level are at the perfect level to refine a healthy and reliable technique that can last for 30 years or more.  I have a track record for producing singers who do not have vocal problems, and sound "young" after 25 years on the professional stage. 

For the Aspiring Collegiate Singer . . . Singing well is not a mystery.  It takes coordination of a number of skills which are explained in private lessons and cultivated through the student's conscious and conscientious practice.  Conscious refers to practicing in an analytical manner when rested, ready to concentrate, and attempting to  be fully aware.  Being fully aware involves cataloging sensations, listening, and watching (with mirror or video).  Conscientious refers to the regularity of practice---at least five times per week.  Likewise, learning music requires understanding the text, translating if in a foreign language, looking at the score as a detailed roadmap.  Some of my greatest successes are singers who began their study with me as undergraduates.  

Grayson & Groves Studio at LSU
Academic Studio for Collegiate Students
Seeking DMA, MM, & BM Degrees, with in-person lessons those who are vaccinated.  Contact for audition/admission information.


Grayson In-Person Studio
Conveniently located in Baton Rouge,
a limited number
of singers
are seen in person.

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